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When dogs attack
With occurrences of dog bites approaching five million per year in the United States...
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Preventing trespassers
Fences. Hedges. Signs. Oh, my! Violators will be prosecuted! The trouble is...
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Guard dog breeds
When it comes to choosing one of man's best friends to protect your home and property,others...
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A guard dog sign is the best no trespassing sign.

From Welsh Corgis to Great Danes, most dogs see themselves as guards. It's an enduring mystery exactly how or why their sense of property works the way it does, but dogs appear to feel the same protectiveness – the same sense of home – that we humans do. Thousands of years ago, some of the first domesticated dogs earned their kibble by guarding their human partners and their homes from predators (whether animals like bears or other humans), so guard dogs have been around for a long time.

Whether you're actually keeping a dog or you just want to warn off potential trespassers, it makes sense to warn passersby that Fido's around. Dogs are often unpredictable but sensitive to invaders, and a criminal who's casing a house for valuables to steal thinking there's a dog around is likely to move along. Guard dog signs can also help limit liability in case of biting incidents.

In these pages, you'll learn a little bit about different kinds of guard dogs, as well as guard dog signs that owners rely on to keep unwelcome company away.

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